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    Our medical program is a dynamic program that allows law firms, physicians, Imaging Centers, and Hospitals to benefit in unique ways even with a BROKEN health care system. Our website is very detailed and informative to provide the many questions you may have about our program.

    Whether you have been referred to us through a colleague, heard us speak at various events, or were introduced to our services through our marketing materials, we would like to personally thank you for considering our medical access program for your business.

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We will provide your client with immediate medical access through our large network of physician's, Imaging Centers, and Hospitals.


Have you considered treating Personal Injury patients on a lien? Now you can with absolutely no risk.

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If you are looking for new referral sources and a way to fill up those empty spaces on your appointment calendar, we are the solution.

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  • The Injury Specialists is a "golden" networking group of highly skilled and professional staff members, medical providers and fellow members of the plaintiff's civil bar. Dr. Golden is a personal injury genius who has created a system that allows the injured and oftentimes indigent personal injury clients to receive quality medical care, surgical funding, cash advances and legal representation all needed to successfully receive the maximum recovery the law allows for their injury and traumatic experience.

    Prior to working with The Injury Specialists program, I was helpless in assisting my uninsured clients with locating surgeons and specialized medical providers who would consult with them and treat their complex and expensive medical needs on a lien basis. Prior to working with The Injury Specialists, I was fired by a college friend of over 23 years because I couldn't locate a surgeon to perform his necessary knee surgery on a lien basis. What an unfortunate situation that was, to say the least, in losing a great case and a friend/client simultaneously. However, this all too often agonizing dilema was all resolved the day I met with the owners and became introduced to all the resources The Injury Specialists program provides. Since then, I have had numerous uninsured clients receive surgery, pain management injections, plastic surgery, pphysical therapy, psychological counseling on a lien basis and cash advances.

    I'm eternally grateful to the entire Injury Specialists organization as a whole for the successful impact it has had on improving the quality of services that I'm able to provide to my injured clients and greatly increasing my settlements amounts as well.

    T.B. - Attorney, Jonesboro
  • Because my firm only handles catastrophic injury cases, I was initially skeptical of how much The Injury Specialists could do for my clients. However, I was amazed at their ability to find physicians to treat clients who did not have health insurance for conditions ranging from brain injuries to multiple fractures to pain syndromes. While my clients have received needed treatment from the physician referrals, my practice has also benefited from the networking opportunities with other lawyers and physicians. I would highly recommend The Injury Specialists to any lawyers looking to service their existing clients and grow their practice.

    M.G - Attorney, Atlanta, GA
  • I have been a member of The Injury Specialists for several years now. Until they came along, there was a pervasive problem: injured clients needed medical care but lacked the insurance coverage or the funds to obtain the care they needed. Most doctors were reluctant to treat these folks even on a lien basis. A bridge was needed that would provide the opportunity for clients to obtain medical care, and to create the documentation needed to prove their damages. The Injury Specialists built and maintains that bridge by establishing the network of medical, legal and financial professionals all working toward the common goal.

    I have found the The Injury Specialists eager to facilitate the matching of my clients medical needs with those medical professionals best suited to treat them. The doctors and their respective staffs have been supportive and helpful in every way. As the network grows, I look forward to growing with it. Keep up the good work.

    C.M. - Attorney, Atlanta, GA
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