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    Our medical program is a dynamic program that allows law firms, physicians, Imaging Centers, and Hospitals to benefit in unique ways even with a BROKEN health care system. Our website is very detailed and informative to provide the many questions you may have about our program.

    Whether you have been referred to us through a colleague, heard us speak at various events, or were introduced to our services through our marketing materials, we would like to personally thank you for considering our medical access program for your business.

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We will provide your client with immediate medical access through our large network of physician's, Imaging Centers, and Hospitals.


Have you considered treating Personal Injury patients on a lien? Now you can with absolutely no risk.

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If you are looking for new referral sources and a way to fill up those empty spaces on your appointment calendar, we are the solution.

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  • The Injury Specialists and their skilled and attentive staff have become an invaluable resource to our practice. As lawyers representing the victims of serious injuries caused by the negligence of individuals and companies, one of the many challenges we face is ensuring our clients are able to gain access to quality medical care. In the past, tackling the challenge of ensuring that our clients were getting the proper medical care from qualified medical providers on a timely basis proved to be both difficult and time consuming. The Injury Specialists, with their staff and network of quality medical providers, has alleviated these challenges, allowing our attorneys to focus more exclusively on our litigation functions. Dr. Howard Golden and Dr. Michael Wax have done an amazing job assembling such a comprehensive medical network, as well as a very "user friendly" website that allows us seamless access to the full array of medical specialties that may be required by our clients. They been a tremendous resource to me and my staff, and are always easily accessible to answer questions or facilitate contact with medical professionals within the network. Kudos to all of you, and keep up the great work.

    C.S. - Attorney, Alpharetta, GA
  • We have been members of the Injury Specialists for a year now. When we first signed on, we were extremely hesitant, as we were not sure if we would have enough clients who could utilize their services. We were wrong. Since we have been a member, we have had numerous clients without the benefit of health insurance that we would have not been able to help without this program. The doctors and services we have been able to utilize have been a savior for many of our clients. Appointments have been prompt, services administered professionally and clients treated with respect.

    With respect to our dealings with the Injuries Specialists as a group, we have been pleasantly surprised. Immediately upon signing up, our entire staff was fully trained with the system and had total access to the group if any problems arose. Since then, The Injury Specialists have constantly requested feedback from our firm as to how they can continue to improve and make our firm and their network better. The network has been a great addition to our firm, and we look forward to network helping us grow in the future.

    B.C. - Attorney, Atlanta, GA
  • This program has proven to be a great benefit to my practice. The benefit is not only financially, but also in regards to the quality of care afforded my clients. My clients look to me not only for legal help, but also for assistance in obtaining quality care. Thanks to The Injury Specialists I can readily find highly qualified doctors to treat my clients injuries and also provide me with the tools I need to position their case for the best possible outcome. I've found that as the program has grown, and additional medical specialties have been added, the program has become more valuable to my practice. The Injury Specialist is truly a win-win situation for my practice and my clients.

    A.F. - Attorney, Atlanta, GA
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