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    The Injury Specialists program is Georgia's largest open access medical program. Our company was launched in 2006 after realizing there was a critical need to provide access to medical care for uninsured and under-insured people in our community.  We have created a dynamic website portal that allows attorneys, physicians, imaging centers, and hospitals, to communicate with each other within a simple community.  You may want to call us the social media platform for personal injury.  Our goal was to create a model that built trust within the legal and medical community to work together for the best interest of the injured party.   Over the past 7 years we have listened to the concerns and issues being faced by both the medical and legal communities.  With the insight given to us, we have taken those concerns and put together a complete system to solve problems.   We have many times been confused as a traditional medical funding company, but we are not.  We have been called a chiropractic program, but we are not.  Attorneys, physicians, hospitals, and imaging centers, from the moment they meet us realize we are very the secret sauce to what plagues the personal injury business. We have created a program that has benefits that far reach any description other than that there is nothing we cannot do in the area of personal injury and making sure the end result is achieved. 
    How do we help law firms?  Many law firms struggle with the same issues time and time again.  When dealing with the medical community it is commonly seen that issues arise on a daily basis.  These issues include:  waiting 30-90 days to receive medical records holding up a demand package, issues with the medical records not describing causation or other language that is not of benefit to the case and can cause the insurance carrier to be mislead, or simply the issues of finding a medical provider to treat on a lien so the case has no gaps or delays.   The Injury Specialists have dissected all elements of issues as it pertains to the legal profession and have put in place problem solving protocol to assist law firms in dealing with issues that arise which they simply can't solve on their own.  Our talented staff will assist your law firm with a VIP approach where they will be available 5 days a week when issues arise so you and your staff can focus on other issues. 
    How do we help medical providers and imaging centers?  For years the medical community would never consider treating patients that were involved in an accident, represented by an attorney, or had no insurance to cover treatment.  Working with an attorney on a lien was always looked upon as too risky.  When we first started The Injury Specialists, we had many doors shut the door on us and today many medical providers and imaging centers are calling us.  Why?  The Injury Specialists provide a completely new revenue stream where new referral sources can easily find and locate your services on our website portal.  Within seconds attorneys and other physicians, will know that your services are available to their clients.   If the client has no insurance, it's no longer a problem as we will approve treatment prior to you seeing a patient and then pay you for the visit at a contracted rate in 10 days.  Physicians can work with physicians of different disciplines thanks to our website and in the end the patients get needed medical care and you see higher revenue without ever taking risks of the past. 

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